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Established 1994


World's most recognized Longevity Therapist Course


Anti Aging International Academy (AIAA).

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AAIA's Mission: To teach our students how to help clients evolve consciously and power boost their SELF healing capability to radically slow down and reverse the aging process, upgrade their immunity to disease and improve their sense of meaning, connection, and flourishing.









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Are you thinking about starting a highly rewarding Longevity Therapy practice or add-on service in the Human Services Service Sector?
-If so, how can you obtain the requisite practice tools, knowledge sets, best-practices and of course internationally recognized credentials?

Today, the anti-aging sector is the fastest growing human service profession. This is very good news for qualified, experienced, business-savvy professionals who already possess the foundational personal skill sets to become an invaluable anti-aging provider to assist people and businesses to survive and thrive.

Many group practices (Consultants, Accountants, Financial Advisors, Lawyers etc) have successfully diversified their business away from just compliance work.

Case Example: The Coaching Practitioner
Given that the professional anti-aging discipline employs a user-friendly, coaching model of service delivery it primarily fits under the umbrella of the coaching industry.

The largest member group of anti-aging practitioners supply a range of "coaching services" to a growing and disparate market of individual clients, institutions, corporate, not-for-profit and government clients. Practitioners in this rapidly growing, diverse group typically comprise boutique, small sized coaching practices whose principals are highly experienced people developers and possess significant experience in the domain areas in which they practice coaching. Many members of this group are experienced professionals who have 'transitioned' from senior-level positions inside organizations. The most successful members of this group have typically undertaken advanced-level instruction in the use of the latest neuropsychological-based age reversal change models and tools that employ a user-friendly, coaching model of service delivery.

Here are just some of the many professions whose members have successfully transitioned into providing Longevity services:

- Coaches
- HR & L&D Professionals
- Retired Executives
- Counselors
- Doctors
- Nurses
- Lawyers
- Educators and Teachers
...and many others with developed people skills and desire to help others!

Case Example: Educator, Course and Credential

  "The Anti-Aging International Academy is the world's leading educational provider in equipping professionals with world-best aging practices and tools." -HR News  

For nearly twenty years, qualified professionals (psychologists, counselors, therapists and learning and development professionals) have obtained the requisite formal practice skills and tools from the Behavioral Coaching Institute's (BCI) Graduate School of Master Coaches allowing them to leverage their knowledge, expertise and contact base into a new, high-income career.

BCI's Graduate School of Neuroscience established the Anti-Aging International Academy (AAIA) to help professionals discover the exciting and rewarding world of longevity coaching. Today, AAIA is the world's most respected institution for obtaining Masters level credentials in Longevity Therapy.

AAIA’s Course also helps each participant how to develop strategies to best package and market themselves.

How will Accredited Certification help you?

AAIA's internationally-acclaimed, accelerated, Certification Qualification Program was developed by Dr Zeus (Father of Behavioral Coaching and best-selling author) and the Behavioral Coaching Institute (the world's leading developer and supplier of behavioral coaching methodology) in consultation with the International Coaching Council (ICC) to obtain the necessary international recognized accreditation.

  "AAIA's Longevity Diploma carries industry-recognition that the holders have learnt their practitioner skills at world-best class standard" -CIE 2019  

The Masters-Level Course:

  • ACKNOWLEDGES your 'world-best standard' professional training, ethical practice and anti-aging credentials.
  • IDENTIFIES YOU as a qualified, credentialed provider taught by an acknowledged world authority and -is a way of distinguishing yourself from other practitioners and service providers.

The Credential: The Longevity Diploma is recognized internationally as the highest level of evidence-based, anti-aging practitioner training available.

The invitational Course is an invitational, professional development program that attracts highly qualified and accomplished professionals who intend to:

  • Start their own practice / coaching service business
  • Add specialist aging and well-being services to an existing practice
  • Provide world-best standard well-being and emotional fitness coaching programs within their organization.

Practice Course Content: Below is a sample of just some of the key business/practice knowledge transfer and market intelligence provided by the course:

Identifying numerous business opportunities based on your very own areas of expertise
Determining your individual niche market
Narrowing your focus to define your most marketable skills

Making your practice grow
Composing service brochures, business proposals and designing web sites
Becoming recognized as a specialist people developer
Effective marketing strategies
Advertising that works
Getting professional exposure
Setting up important professional alliances

Controlling the first meeting with clients
How to handle clients’ objections
How to turn down business

How to determine the appropriate fee
Five strategies to get paid on time
Charging back expenses to the clients
Direct charges and indirect charges

Writing effective proposals
How to deliver effective presentations
Billing and invoicing


Course Manuals:
The Academies select graduates obtain a set of up-to-the-minute, cutting edge, comprehensive resource manuals that are meant to be used as an ongoing learning program/library of information beyond the course. Students are also provided and shown how to use actual check sheets, forms, and procedures developed over several years by some of the world’s leading practitioners. Graduates can customize and re-brand these valuable tools, techniques and templates to build a solid 'world best-standard' structure for their own practice.

The Mastery Course also provides the following sophisticated tools, techniques and practice materials:

  • 5 comprehensive and tailored Workshop Manuals
  • An invaluable, extensive Resource Manual (containing industry case studies, articles, reports, references and assessments etc) -that provides a personal and generative developmental path for continued learning is also provided to each graduate
  • A priceless Toolkit -which forms the core of the critically important Practice Support System is also provided

All expenses of Continuing Professional Education (including registration fees, travel, meals and lodging) taken to maintain and improve professional skills are tax deductible subject to the limitations set forth in the Internal Revenue Code and other countries' Tax Bodies.

Today, Anti-Aging Therapy is quickly becoming a vital income means for service providers focused on securing their own future.

AAIA’s Course is underpinned by a belief that it is important for students to embrace the rigor and responsibility of a professional service practice. Whilst AAIA's graduates might work in different diverse marketplaces, employ a different approach and purpose for their services, they can all articulate a coherent and congruent framework for their professional practice.

Many of AAIA’s Course graduates also seek to work collaboratively with others via a dynamic community of their peers who ascribe to not only regional but international best-practice standards.

There are multiple benefits and great aftercare included in AAIA’s Diploma course, including regional support groups, email support with the AAIA team, your listing on ‘find a certified practitioner’ on ICC’s website etc.

The key to success in any anti-aging intervention is the selection of the appropriate brain-mind-body Change Model to fit the client's specific needs. AAIA's proven Therapist Coach Course meets the critical needs for practitioners to be trained in the use of a range of validated, reliable change models, tools and techniques employing a user-friendly coaching delivery model.

AAIA's invitational, fast-tracked Longevity Therapist course (Self-study / Distance Learning Format).

  AAIA's Mind-Body Anti-Aging Research -the Evidence

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AAIA's Longevity Therapist Course (Self-study / Distance Learning Format)
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  AAIA's Mind-Body Anti-Aging Research -the Evidence



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      Home Page
     Longevity Therapist
         Course Application


     Course Content
     Mind-Body Approach
     Australian Campus Retreat
     Longevity Market Report
Longevity Career Report
Licensing Opportunities
     Secret to Aging
     Health and Aging
     The Science 
     The Evidence

  Content: anti-aging, medicine,  health, anti-aging medicine, younger, ant-aging research medicine, top anti-aging medicines,, anti-aging clinic, USA,  


Registered as an Education provider from the State Board of Behavioral Sciences, California.
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ontent: USA, anti-aging school, anti-aging, longevity CAREER, anti-aging certification, longevity, LONGEVITY THERAPIST CAREER, antiagIng course, USA