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You can literally PROGRAM YOUR LIFE with the science of neurogenetics and epigenetics (how we modify our DNA/genes by behavior (what we think and do).

There is a profound saying; “If you want to see what your thoughts were like yesterday, look at your body today. If you want to see what your body will be like tomorrow, look at your thoughts today.”

Secret to AGING in a state of YOUTHFULNESS: Closing the time gap between your life and the life of your cells.
If you can return to the ‘now’, you close the gap between your life and the life of your cells, and by doing this, you can prevent aging or even reverse it. No one has ever shown that any symptoms of aging must occur.

This is all based on neuroplasticity which says that every experience changes the connections between neurons in the brain. Our thoughts and feeling can literally physically change us. For example; worry and anxiety can rewire and reprogram gene expression in a negative way. Bad habits result in bad wiring and bad programming. You are in charge of your brain.

The KEY = Developing The Right State of Mind
Our bodies believe what our minds tell us. We know that mental attitudes affect our physical and emotional wellbeing at any age, but this impact becomes even more pronounced as we get older. A number of recent studies have confirmed that the happiest and healthiest people among the elderly population don’t dwell too much on what their birth certificate says. Instead, they possess a positive state of mind focused on the now and what they can do.

As these studies make it quite clear, developing the right mindset is the key to a long and happy life. And yes -it’s true that genetics and healthy physical habits will also impact our wellbeing as we get older, but the key for self-rejuvenation is our Mind-Set.

Our brain cells exist in the time zone that we live in. So how do we go back into the past when we remember a special memory -our first kiss? No one knows! Every cell in our body functions instantly in the present moment when any two molecules interact. So the problem of aging can be stated as the gap between how a cell lives and how a person lives. As people, get stuck in old habits, hold limiting beliefs, become fearful and occupy mental states that are not positive -they reduce their capacity to live successfully and open the door to disease and death.

The key is to live in a time/space where we have already successfully visited. A place where we flourished, felt alive, were positive and vital. If we cannot visualize such a time then we can simply envisage that place in our mind and create it in the now. Evidence-based, cognitive neuroplasticity tools provide us the means to build happier, healthier, younger lives.

AAIA uses a Whole-System approach of - “The mind and body are one.”
- The need to constantly learn how to best manage our Self to harness its healing power over our brain and our genetic makeup.

What is a Whole Systems Approach?
-A method to understand how elements and systems are related, and how they influence one another within a whole.

In our field of Behavioral Neuroscience, AAIA (along with our affiliate Treatment Clinic) constantly analyse and identify what longevity and wellness systems are proven to work effectively, efficiently and quickly. We strive to find the right balance between theories and proven practice so that we take learning from them but nonetheless create an easy-to-follow route map that is meaningful and feasible for all able people to follow. That said, we primarily see ourselves as a technological developer rather than a follower.

Mindbody Reset Code—our body's "operating instructions" for interpreting our world, creating our sense of self, and setting our future. The MindBody Reset Code is our key to safely and successfully release our potential for a healthier, more youthful, productive, happier life.

Our game-changing Longevity Therapist Certification Program provides the Mindbody Reset tools and easy-to-follow steps to create aging, health and well-being breakthroughs for people to discover their new improved healthier, vital, more youthful self that will propel them forward to greater success in nearly every area of their life.

Teach your clients (in-person or via video call) easy to follow, proven, brain-mind-body change models based on the latest evidence based technologies and methodologies from Applied Cognitive Neuroscience / Neuropsychology.

The benefits of this unique course are far-reaching and profound!
Your clients will be never be the same!!






Learn how to use Neuro Self-Change Tools and
Transform the lives of people!

Campus Diploma Course:
  - 2 Day non-residential course. Manuals are sent to students prior to course to complete required pre-course reading and exercises.
Distance Learning Diploma Course (same course content as Campus Course):
  - Estimated 40 hours of course reading and work -depending on the student’s available time frame and learning style.
  - No fixed starting or completion date. Automatically Receive Certification when you notify us that you have completed your Self-Study!!
  - No assessment or post-course supervision. No additional training hours is required as this is an invitational Program (via submission of the below Application Form).




“The brain, mind and body can be retrained,” My Coach said. People think it can’t, but it can. I’ve proved it.

“Cognitive Neuroplasticity”is real. By using your self-coaching technique, taught to me by my coach, I have 200% more energy, peace of mind and a clearer mental focus. I’m a new, much better improved, much younger, happier version of myself. Thanks!

  .Hilary Peterson (Lawyer)  

Some Institutional & Organizational Clients include:





Can you rewire your brain in one week and create a healthier, happier and better person?  The answer is—yes. Your course proved it!
All my clients remark how rejuvenated they feel and how relaxed and at peace they now are with the world around them. Most report feeling and looking at least ten or more years younger.
All thanks to your online training course!


  .Joy Hobsen (Aging Therapist)  
  From studying at a world-class institution, 98% of our students from 60 nationalities would recommend the course to a friend.

Here's what a few of them had to say:

"AAIA’S online course had everything I needed to set my practice up. Plus optional client support if I need it too. Best investment in myself I ever made." Philip Hunter

“Thank you for accepting me into the invitational course. I love helping people of all ages increase their level of well-being and happiness. Its so rewarding.” Wai Ming

"The School is the most well-renowned institution in the world that uses the coaching delivery service model. My clients just thrive on learning how to self-coach and continue enjoying the longevity benefits of the program." C.V. Lakshmi

"Having world recognized credentials allows me travel around the world and work. Thanks AAIA! " Latissa Munshi

"As a nutritionist, what attracted me to study at your school, was that I could include other subjects in your program such as diet and exercise. That was a massive plus." Mary Ann Peterson

"The educational experience is, one of the best I've ever had in my life, everything I needed was in the course. I’m from a small regional city, but already I am booked solid for most weeks." Raphael H.

“ I learnt a lot. The online course gave me an excellent grounding in both the science and practice. It has really enabled me to interact with all types of clients. I just love my work.” J. Eyley

“It has been a truly invaluable learning experience for me. I want you to know that I have learnt so much from each and every course module. Your course also have helped me to understand where my strengths and weaker aspects lie as a new practitioner.” Le Minh Tran

NOTE:  Dr Zeus's NeuroEx Clients refer international clients who do not wish to travel or be placed on a Wait List (currently 5 weeks) to a local regional graduate from the Anti-Aging International Academy.

Obtain world recognized Board Accredited Certification.
- ICC Gold Seal Board Accreditation

Graduates names are also listed on ICC's online, public Register.


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     Australian Campus Retreat
     Longevity Market Report
Longevity Career Report
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