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Content: cognitive, anti-aging, neuropsychology, neurogenesis, neuroplasticity, medicine, USA, neuroplasticity, cognitive

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ANTI AGING Neuropsychology, Neurogenesis, Neuroplasticity
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ANTI AGING Neuropsychology, Neurogenesis & Neuroplasticity




Anti-aging medicine has changed dramatically over the last few years:

The prevalence of age-related diseases is in an upward trend due to increased life expectancy in humans. Age-related conditions are among the leading causes of morbidity and death worldwide currently. Hence the urgent need to find apt interventions that slow down aging and reduce or postpone the incidence of debilitating age-related diseases. It follows that research on aging has recently surged in the last few years.

Neurogenesis -the growth of new neurons in the brain.
Neurogenesis is a particularly important process when an embryo is developing -but, can we grow new brain cells as adults?

The simple answer is -Yes! Recent studies have demonstrated that neurogenesis can indeed continue into and throughout adult life. Obviously this has a major impact on aging as new brain cells keep our brains functionally younger. Until only recently, it was thought that the number of neurons we're born with is fixed – that the central nervous system, including the brain, was incapable of neurogenesis and unable to regenerate.

Neurogenesis refers to the birth and maturation of new neurons, either during brain formation or throughout an organism's lifespan.
Neurogenesis is more about "capacity" of our brain, while neuroplasticity is more about "capability" of our brain. Read More

Neuroplasticity refers to changes in mature neurons resulting from stimuli, aging and other influences. Synaptic plasticity refers to changes in the 'strength' of synapses, or the growth of new synapses. Critically, these processes rely on previously existing neurons. There is ample evidence that it also involves neuroglia in the brain -the non-neuronal cells in the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) and the peripheral nervous system.

Neurogenesis and Neuroplasticity are two very d
ifferent concepts that act entirely independently, but in some contexts, work together in a synergistic manner.

It is possible to enhance neural and cognitive function with cognitive interventions.

Latest research confirms that we can delay age-related decline in cognitive function. The aged brain really has the capacity to change in response to stimulation. Although there is some neural deterioration that occurs with age, the brain has the capacity to increase neural activity and develop neural scaffolding as part of the brain-mind-body continuum. Read More

Neuropsychologists have an extensive knowledge base and training in brain-behavior relationships and are therefore best qualified to execute a unique broad-based approach to overall cognitive wellness and are viewed as primary care providers of cognitive based anti-aging treatment.

Cognitive neuroscience is a relatively new field which bridges the gap between the study of complex behaviors (psychology) and the study of neural processes (neurosciences). One specialist area of study by Cognitive Neuroscientists (Neuropsychologists) is understanding how deep perception by accessing the subconscious mind (theta brainwaves) and experiential mental exercises can stimulate neural re-growth that generates change in the brain-mind-body continuum. The Clinic’s Treatment Program focuses on this approach.

Our Clinic provides a cutting-edge, cognitive wellness service delivery model including cognitive health, anti-aging, lifelong wellness, and longevity-oriented practices. These practice areas include brain-based cognitive wellness, emotional and related multimodality health interventions.

As experts in brain-mind-body union, neuropsychologists can provide evidence-based treatment options tailor-made to fit individual needs. Physiological health rests upon the foundation of counteracting mind-body connection disruptions from multiple etiologies. The brain and body are electrical systems that can “short circuit” and need to be “re-set.” The therapy practices inherent in this specialist anti-aging and wellness service delivery model can provide physiological rejuvenation and preventative insulation and circuit breaking against the shock of age and age related illnesses.

What to reverse your biological age by 10 + years or just add 7, 10 or more years to your life?

The Clinic's RESULTS GUARANTEED Self-Transformational, Anti-Aging Program.
The invitational Anti-Aging Program is a step-by-step, experiential treatment that is taught from a platform of perceptual self-awareness.

Techniques used in the Treatment Program are based on cognitive neuroplasticity therapy*, which rewires the brain's limbic system to re-build and strengthen the functional neural pathways relating to youthfulness, health and well-being.

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