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  Self Transformational (Mindset and Body Clock Reset) Program

AGE and HEALTH -THINK beyond your genes...

Empowering people
to move to a desired state of health and youthfulness.



Anti Aging Mindset


Mindset and Body Clock Reset Formula:

Self Transformational Change Model + Coaching Approach +  Neurofeedback Technology = Enhanced States of Meditation & Mindfulness + Brain Training = The FUTURE with Unlimited Benefits


Changing the Structure of the Brain
- Increase your brain size (grey matter)!

A research team at Harvard has confirmed the vital components of our Neuro Self Transformational Model increases the cortical thickness in the hippocampus, which governs learning and memory, and in certain areas of the brain that regulates emotion and self-referential processing. Researchers found significantly larger volumes of gray matter in the regions of the brain most associated with positive emotions. 

Here are some of OTHER BENEFITS that were confirmed:

1. Slows and reverts Aging Process.
Aging can be seen at the cellular level by the health and length of our telomeres, the protective caps on the ends of our DNA. Stress and time break down telomeres so that our DNA is less protected, allowing our cells to break down as well. This, essentially, is the process of ageing. 

2. Improves your Physical Health
Boosts your Immune System and helps prevent stress-induced illnesses. Regular practice also increases antibody response when exposed to viruses, such as influenza.

3. Improves Cognitive Health.
Found to be a tool to enhance cognitive health especially in older adults eg; depression.

4. Improves Emotional Health.
Latest  studies show how it rids our minds of subconscious layers of anger, depression, anxiety, fear, phobias, addiction, and sadness, and produces a seemingly perfect mental and emotional balance. 

5. Reduces Anxiety, Worry and Mental Stress
They also found that even just a few minutes practice a day can make rush hour traffic more bearable, work stress more tolerable, and sustained focus more achievable.

The most impressive part of this research found that after a 3-year follow up, the persons who had just engaged in 8 weeks practice still demonstrated a significant reduction in anxiety. 

6.  Increases Focus and Attention.
Just four days of practice can significantly improve your working memory, executive functioning, and visuospatial processing.  

Another first line benefit confirmed benefit includes better sleep. In fact, clients have shown to need fewer hours of sleep every night because their minds and bodies are completely refreshed and rejuvenated during their highly pleasurable practice sessions.

Clients who regularly practice self-coach themselves are also known to have better, healthier relationships, and feel a great deal more satisfied and content with their lives.




-Here are just a few more limitless benefits

→ Achieve the mindset to attract and manifest the life you want

→ Turn back the clock: boost vitality, feel more energized and rejuvenated

→ Move brainwave patterns into the healthiest, most advanced states. Use your “whole brain“

→ Feel more happy, confident, inspired, and motivated

→ Boost learning ability, memory, & concentration

→ Access hard to reach, super-powerful mind layers

→ Open the door to realize your full potential

→ Overcome self-limiting beliefs, habits, fears, & phobias

→ Reach the highest levels of consciousness

→ Deepen your ability to live more and more of your life “in the now”

→ Quiet your mind while increasing thought depth & clarity

→ Explore and expand your self-awareness: ascend to self-mastery

→ Access your vast supply of subconscious mind power

→ Enhance your intuition, creativity, and ability to succeed

→ Increase emotional resilience, become more psychologically balanced

→ Activate your body’s highly beneficial “relaxation response”

Clients in our Program also learn:

.Scientifically proven techniques how to train your train to adopt a healthy lifestyle and happier life.
.How to quickly break free from any self-doubt, procrastination and lack of confidence that may be holding you back from achieving greater financial success and freedom.
.How to free from the self-imposed limits that are blocking you from realizing your professional and personal hopes and dreams.
.Proven strategies to take locate your biggest fears and turn them into fuel for unstoppable life success eg; like fear of failure and ones that are buried deep in your unconscious mind like fear of disappointing others or fear of success or of not being good enough etc.




Today, everyone can benefit from many of the above benefits.

Evidence-Based technology and methodology.
Backed by extensive research, our program is designed to unlock the limitless power of your brain and mind, to create a desired mental, emotional, and physical environment to help you design a better future and reach your highest potential. 

Note: Our course is based on the 100’s of studies confirming the effectiveness of program's methodology and technology, and 1,000’s of studies showing the powerful benefits of meditation and mindfulness. If you are interested in more about the benefits, the science and rapidly expanding field of research, then just conduct an online search to access many of the published studies.

We have many, many studies that suggest that the limits we assume are real are artificial, and that we don’t have to accept them at all.

Our program translates the latest brain science research into simple, actionable strategies for achieving a longer and healthier life, peak performance, optimum mental health and enhanced wellbeing.



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Performance Enhancement via Self Coaching

- Want short, easy to do mental exercise to reset mindset and self regulate
 brain functions to enhance performance levels, health and longevity.




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