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Anti Aging
The Self Transforming Brain

Empowering people to move to an enhanced state of well-being and an improved state of health.


Self-transforming brain.
The self-transforming brain refers to the ability of the self to change/modify the brain’s neural network (neuroplasticity) through structured mental activity in order to experience a life with more happiness and fulfillment.  




The Neuropsychological Methodology:


Using our SELF TRANSFORMATION of our mental and physical state!

Our very identity (the very essence of who we are) is enmeshed in our brain’s neural circuits. When our mind changes, our brain changes, too. What flows through our mind sculpts our brain. Thus, we can use our mind to change our brain for the better.

In our program our clients are taught how to use Neuroexs proprietary Neuro Self Transformation methodology (see below page*) to activate brain states, and rewire the brain --for life changing results.

The Neuro Self Transformation (NST) Methodology also incorporates the principles of Behavior-Based Coaching that involves helping people identify and manage their true self. As a result, clients also become more healthy, vital, adaptive and happier. 

The six primary influences incorporated in the NST Model:
1).Neuropsychology / Neuroscience -the study of the relationship between behavior and cognition on the one hand, and brain function the other.
Stereotype embodiment theory (SET)  –explains the process by which age stereotypes influence the health of older adults. There are multiple well-documented effects of age stereotypes on a number of cognitive and physical outcomes (including longevity, cardiovascular reactivity, and memory etc).
.Evolutionary Psychology - explains mental and psychological traits as the functional products of natural selection.
.Cognitive-Behavioral Approach -how to enhance thinking skills, conceptual thinking and decision making e.g.; self-responsibility.
.Emotion Focused Approach how to become aware of and make productive use of emotions that control how we think and our actions.
.Solution-Focused Approach - focusing on solutions not problems e.g.; finding out what works and doing more of it. 

Neuro Self Transformation is an integrative solution-oriented approach to change primarily based on advances and research in the field of neuroscience.  Today, the fields of neuroscience and quantum science allow us to go well beyond just a cognitive approach (just changing how we think)!

Brain plasticity
Todays behavioral science confirms that you can change your brain to become who you want to be
. The belief that we are the same one moment to the next, or one year to the next, is a delusion. Neuroscience shows us that the brain and body is constantly in flux and that there is no unchanging, fixed SELF. The ongoing breakthrough research in neuroscience provides us a blueprint how to teach people to easily access and exchange their primary drivers to obtain more desired mental and physical outcomes.  

Self-perspective –through Self-exploration and Self-discovery -leading to Self Integration.
Achieving Self-Awareness.
Some of the basic components in the Neuro Self Transformation (NST) Change Models that allow people to develop themselves are:
Multiple Selves, Reframing, Directed Visualization, Self-Dialogue, Advanced Role-Playing and Mindfulness  –with the following key psychological principles: Self-Concept, Self Esteem, Self
Identity and Working in the Conscious, Unconscious and Subconscious Zone etc. Recent research in neuroscience has provided insights into the cognitive basis of these components.

The Model's focus is about communicating with the Subconscious that brings about changes in neurological networks -to discover the ‘You’ that you desire to be.


  Neuro Change Methodology and MM


Meditation and Mindfulness (MM) is integrated with the above Self Transformation Model to quickly and easily generate a superior outcome than a single, traditional cognitive or behavioral model could achieve. 


Our unique program teaches you how to ACHIEVE A DEEP MEDITATIVE STATE IN JUST MINUTES then combined with mindfulness to:
1)  open the mind to cognitive change (the way we are thinking / ‘state of mind’) and,
2) prepare the brains neurons to ‘fire’ (create new connections / behavioral patterns when using proprietary Neuro (Cognitive and Behavioral) Change Coaching Models.

Our brain cells are continually forming new connections and restructuring our perceptions over time. This everyday process of neuroplasticity provides us the powerful ability to change areas of our brain. 

Achieving Deep Meditation in just minutes..

The Science and Process

Focused Attention
Focused attention and mindful action. This process of intentionally changing our brain circuits is called ‘self-directed neuroplasticity’

Action potential -the necessary state of the brain ready to change itself achieved through enhanced/deep meditation.

Action potential occurs during the firing of a neuron / change process. During this action potential stage, part of the neural membrane opens to allow positively charged ions inside the cell and negatively charged ions out. 

This process causes a rapid increase in the positive charge of the nerve fiber. Neuroscientists use other words, such as a "spike" or an "impulse" for the action potential. 

Most people struggle with meditation practice: Am I doing this right? What should I do next? Why is this so hard?

Guided Meditation
The biofeedback technology, used in our program, acts as the your personal Meditative Guide. The technology guides you to quickly enter into a deep meditative state and provides feedback that helps you track your progress, keep consistent, and stay engaged. Guided Meditation provides you the key to reach deep levels of meditation quickly and easily.

Guided meditation also importantly helps you relax, connect with yourself and become present during your Mindset Reset Exercise.

The power of meditation on the brain to influence human health

While interest in meditation as a means of reducing stress has grown over the years, there has been little evidence to support benefits specific to mindfulness meditation practice.

A new study (2017) published in the scientific journal Psychoneuroendocrinology shows how meditation-based practices promotes healthier aging.

The researchers also found that the ticking of the epigenetic clock was slower as meditation experience increased, suggesting that the integration of meditation practice into daily routine can have anti-aging effects in the long run.

These findings are exciting because they are the first to show that meditation can induce a change in the regulation of our genes that influence the biological mechanisms of aging. "We think it’s going to launch a whole new domain of investigation concerning the impact of mental training on the mechanisms of biological aging," says Dr Davidson (lead researcher).




                                 Zeus’s Experiential Focus Attention Steps

                                          Steps to Changing our Brain.

       – Sight, Sound etc

      – Wandering Mind


    - Deep slow breaths. Becoming calm, relaxed

    - Clearing away extraneous thoughts

   -Meditation / Mindfulness  


   – Visualization (Past and Future)

  Being Present

   -Mindset Reset Exercise  

    – Thoughts

  Emotions & Feelings
  Body Sensations

     – Mind-Set Self Change / Mind and Body

  Improved Levels of Consciousness
         Zeus Experiential Focus Attention Steps Model. © 2015-2018  






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My first books, written over fifteen years ago now, focused on providing an introduction to Behavioral Coaching and establishing a professional educational and practice standard for psychologists and other professional people developers...Today's Neuroexs Mind-Reset Program contains the latest science from the fields of neuroscience and brain-based learning and change tools from neuropsychology, which I continually update and develop from work by some of the world's leading brain and mind researchers."
-Dr Perry Zeus


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