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Health, Anti Aging

  AGE and HEALTH -THINK beyond your genes...

Empowering people
to move to a desired state of health and youthfulness.



Anti Aging, Health


Your chance of getting cancer in your lifetime is approaching 70%.
By 2030 half of all global deaths will be from cancer. In real numbers, that is 13.1 million deaths per year.

To combat this devastating disease we need to think differently and we need to bring many minds together to do this.
Queensland University of Technology’s Cancer and Ageing Research Program



By the time we’re 65, the residual lifetime risk of developing either stroke or dementia is one in three in men and one in two in women (Contributions of The Framingham Study to Stroke and Dementia Epidemiology at 60 years Study.)

Dementia is the leading cause of death for women in most countries -especially in the west. However, it is estimated that anywhere between one third and 50 per cent of cases are preventable (San Francisco VA Medical Center  SFVAMC Study),

A just published Study (A decade of changes in brain volume and cognition) reinforces the message that we can help protect our brains through our behavior Dr Szoeke (Director of the Healthy Ageing Program at the University of Melbourne and the lead author of the new research) said the results were “a bit scary”: they found the number of brain cells we have at 50 can predict our cognition a decade later. 

“The effect was big,” Szoeke says. “What it means is we should really be doing something about it... We are talking about prevention, and it is really important we prevent dementia because at the moment we don’t really have a cure.”





Anti Aging: Reversing Health and Age
Self Transformational (Mindset and Body Clock Reset) Program.

In the last decade there has been an acceleration in the pace of human age-reversal research. A new breed of neuroscientists and some prominent individuals are seeking to fast-track development of technologies for people who are “aging to death.”

However, the greatest medical breakthrough in recent years isn’t the creation of a new drug or treatment—it’s the re-discovery of how much your mind affects your health.


Since the beginning of human history, we have been trying to find ways to stay young. Each of us is born with an internal biological clock, figuratively speaking, that determines our life span.  

Why do we age? 

The human body is made up of cells. Each cell is like a Lego block, and builds various organs for different functions. Cells divide to produce new cells for the growth and repair of body tissues. But cell division is not limitless: on average, human cells can divide only about 50 to 70 times. Afterwards, cells will enter a senescence phase when they no longer divide. At this point, the cells may die, or stay in the body as malfunctioning cells. This causes our bodies to deteriorate and age.

What happens at the cellular level? 

To understand the ageing process, we need to look deep inside our cells. Inside each cell, there is a compartment called a nucleus, which contains many strands of chromosomes. Chromosomes contain the genetic materials that control cell division. At both ends, chromosomes are protected by caps of telomeres. Imagine a shoe lace: the telomeres resemble the plastic tips on the ends of the shoelace that prevent it from fraying. 

In our cells, telomeres act as buffers to protect the chromosomes from damage. But every time the cell divides, the telomeres are shortened. At birth, we have long telomeres, but as we grow older and our cells continue to divide, our telomeres become shorter and shorter. Each time a telomere gets shorter, the chromosomes are less protected and finally, the chromosomes are exposed to damage, and cell division stops. We age because our cells age. 

The more stressed you are, the faster you age

In a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, it was shown that persons with the highest levels of perceived stress have shorter telomeres. 

Why does stress make you age faster? 

Stress releases cortisol in our body, and high levels of cortisol increase cell damage through oxidative stress. Cortisol also counteracts an important telomere-lengthening enzyme called telomerase. So, too much cortisol speeds up the shortening of our protective telomeres, and accelerates ageing. 

Is there any way to slow down ageing? 

Recent studies show that lifestyle changes (eg; diet, meditation) lead to longer telomeres. This shows that we can actually do something to lengthen our telomeres and slow down ageing. 

Psychological stress plays a significant role in ageing. Relaxation is of utmost importance if you want to live longer. 

Many studies now suggest that meditation can help. Meditation encourages people to focus on the present, and reduces anxiety and distress. By reducing stress, meditation also lowers our levels of cortisol, and thus reduces oxidative stress on our cells. Focused breathing, or exercise, also boosts the release of endorphins that create a sense of relaxation. 

So Yes! -Ageing is a process that we can slow down. But, can we reverse the process?
The exciting field of Neuroscience provides us the answers and neuropsychology the tools!


Neuroscience, Aging and Health

Neuroscience teaches us that the body is not a single entity and that its cells are members of a harmonious community of trillions of cells, and each cell has every function of the body in it.  Liver cells aren’t just liver cells.  Each bodily system is present in every cell.  All cells have receptors in their skin that are tuned to chemical and electromagnetic vibrations.  Signals of the brain control the readout of the genes. 

Cells perceive the body’s inner environment and make bodily adjustments the same way the outer skin reacts to perceptions of its environment.  The cells’ perceptions of their community environment change biology, chemically and electrically. 

Epigenetic clocks control genes which are switched on or off.  Life is determined as it happens. 

Many perceptions of our environment (diet, energy connections, air quality, exercise, consciousness, etc.) are entwined with thought processes. 
If we understand that
thoughts are an interface between the inner cellular community and the outer environment, we can understand how illness occurs and how wellness and well-being can be recreated.  For example, the body-mind reacts to fearful perceptions and thoughts by stopping growth, closing off blood flow to the forebrain, and switching off the immune system.  During a period of fearful reaction, the adrenal glands work to protect the body against threats from the outside; however, the body does not manufacture new cells or grow and the immune system does not protect the body against threats from the inside.  Existing opportunistic organisms (parasites, bacteria, viruses, etc.) that are normally suppressed by the immune system gain strength, and illness occurs.  Moreover, some excessive stress hormones destroy the body’s own tissue -- particularly heart tissue.  Chronic fear and stress enhance this process. 

Problems caused by the mind can be fixed by the mind. 
In order for cells to respond positively, however, they must be given the right perceptual thought signals.  An estimated 70 percent of all continuous-loop thoughts running through our minds are negative and redundant, however; and 95 percent of our life activity originates in the subconscious.

In order to change our thought patterns, and improve gene responses, we need to think of the subconscious as a machine, which is not “good” or “bad”:  just an accumulation of programs that became established and dominate our thinking.  The conscious and subconscious minds do not communicate.  Therefore, we need to assume responsibility for eroding unhealthy, reactive subconscious programs and devote time and repetitive effort to developing mindfulness that will facilitate healthy perceptions of our environment. 

Through exciting, breakthrough research, we are learning that we can release the thoughts being controlled by our inherited genetic makeup and that we do not have to be victimized by self-perceived physicality.  We can create our own unique physiological and behavioral traits through applied consciousness.  Science has confirmed the possibilities. 

We are all challenged to discover how to fulfil our potential for becoming sentient (finely sensitive in perception or feeling) beings.  The key to a better healthier and longer living future is learning how to:  ask the subconscious mind what is destroying wellness and well-being; change perceptions of our environment; reframe feelings, thoughts, and emotions; and facilitate positive cellular communications and gene responses. 

You Can Create Your Own Destiny 

Today, people spend billions of dollars to enhance their perceptions of their exterior appearance:  cosmetics, surgeries, clothes, hair styles, etc.  Such products and services may enhance self-confidence and self-satisfaction; but, they intensify an exterior focus, without regard for inner wellness and well-being. 

The bottom line question is:  “How does my interior physiology look and how am I behaving?”  Antidepressants are one of today’s most frequently prescribed medications.  This fact, alone, may indicate that people are abdicating their self-empowerment.  Imagine the possibilities if people were asking:  “How can I apply my consciousness, change my perceptions of my environment, and reshape my biology and behavior?”  More qualified practitioners are needed to help others develop healthy perceptions, empower their body-mind, and improve their wellness and well-being. 

The true fountain of youth within!
Neuroscience and quantum physics has shown a growing list of benefits on
body-mind communication while neuropsychology provides us a blueprint on how to assume responsibility for it

Optimizing our Brain Function
The brain is capable of developing new pathways and connections when we change perceptions and thought patterns, and such changes are necessary in order to develop healthy brain-to-cell signals. 

The Self Transformational Program employs evidence-based methodology (based on proven science) that produces positive effects on the body-mind, including:

Relaxing DNA strands 

Taking control of your genes and reshaping your biology and behavior 

Reframing habitual unhealthy thought patterns and eliminating continuous-loop thoughts  

Producing and delivering more feel-good neurochemistry 

Stimulating brain connectors and neural pathways

Increasing cerebral blood and energy flows and nourishing injured or deficient body areas 

Cleansing the body of toxic wastes 

Removing incoherence (chaos) from bioelectrical fields and improving resonance 

Applying consciousness and assuming responsibility for your interior biological appearance 

Learning to understand and accept yourself 

Changing unhealthy perceptions and creating harmonic environmental, body-mind, and spirit connections 

You are the only person who can perceive your outer environment through your applied consciousness, and only your cell community reads your inner environment and constantly adjusts your biology.

Your body-mind already knows how to apply the necessary mechanisms to create the positive effects governing age and health reversal.   

Changing your cell responses through resetting your mindset (subconscious controls) is the key to live a longer, healthier and happier life . 


Clients need more help:

Seeking a Better, Natural Option

- Poor Medication Results

Better, Well Documented Results

Backed-up by Evidence-Based Research

Seeking Self Regulation via Self Coaching

- Want short, easy to do mental exercise to reset mindset and self regulate
 brain functions to enhance health and longevity.



How our Body and Brain are interconnected and can control each other.

-In his book (The Brain's Way of Healing, 2016) Dr N. Doidge (a distinguished scientist, a medical doctor and, a psychiatrist on the faculty of both the University of Toronto and of Columbia University in New York) cites some of the latest research studies in the developments in neuroplasticity, namely the way the body and brain can change each other. Note: The brain is always embodied, and our subjective experience always has a bodily component, just as all so-called bodily experiences have a mental component.

For example: Dr Doidge cites a case of a person suffering from Parkinson's disease (a movement disorder inhibiting his walking) who began taking slow, conscious walks concentrating on each subtle movement of his body as he moved. Doing this began to activate different parts of the brain, associated with learning, and in doing so he managed to create new pathways to walk and bypass the basal ganglia. Now, in his 70s, he moves so quickly and smoothly, you would never know he had Parkinson's says Dr Doidge.

"He was using his prefrontal lobes to do those activities taking over for the basal ganglia which can only do automatic activities," explains Doidge. "The basal ganglia was not rewired - he learned to work around it."

This Great News!! The idea that many brain problems – from MS to Parkinson’s, strokes to autism, ADD and dementia – thought to be incurable or irreversible can be improved has offers hope to millions around the world.

“If there's a panacea in medicine, it's learning and that triggers the growth of new brain cells and of course a lot of these growth factors.” states Doidge.

"Only in anatomy textbooks is a brain separate from the body," Doidge says. "In terms of its functioning, it is seamlessly connected to the body by the peripheral nervous system and to the world through the senses.

"And the model we've had of the brain in recent years has been that because the brain controls a lot of the bodies functions, we start to think of the body as merely infrastructure for the brain as though the body evolved to serve the brain and that is crazy and the exact opposite of what happened” concludes Doidge.

"One of the things that happened in the course of writing the book," Doidge explains, "I found that over and over the issue of energy was being used (by well- respected neuroplasticians) to stimulate the brain."

"It was very clear to me that the genius of western science has been that it's analytical, breaks things down into parts…on the other hand, eastern medicine had much more to say about mind, brain and body wholeness."

In the sense that it does not compartmentalize body, mind and brain, the holistic eastern approach to self healing is a perfect fit with neuroplasticity. Many exercises in eastern practices, which help relax the body and mind, have now proven crucial before the process of self-change and brain retraining can begin.

"In rest periods, we normally get a lot of cell repair," says Doidge. "During sleep, we consolidate the changes between our neurons that have occurred from learning. With these techniques, we learn to turn on that relaxation system and that's just absolutely crucial. When you're on the go and constantly battered by the stimulation around you and the cortisol is being fired - if it's a sometimes thing, that's fine, but if it's chronic, as it is in many jobs and life situations, you get deterioration of overall body function."

Doidge confirms Mindfulness as an important exercise.
Mindfulness can result in moments of stillness and cultivating awareness and relaxation. This exercise provides people a space/time when their brains are "harmonizing, re-tuning, resetting".

And finally, Dr Doidge adds a warning -the trend just towards positive thinking or affirmations is just too simplistic.

"Clearly you want to build on strength but sometimes people are doing things that are getting in their own way and that requires some analysis of that pattern.

"I think if affirmations in and of themselves were sufficient to get us over that, we'd all know that now. But the problem is if you're burying or covering over some deep (subconscious) unresolved state...I don't think any number of affirmations is going to help."

The latest research proves that one of the best things people can do in their life to self-change their body is to reset their mindset / retrain their brain.



Aging and Rejuvenation

Ageing is (biologically speaking) the result of a damage accumulation process at cellular and molecular level. This process takes place throughout the body and throughout life; the damage it causes is a side effect of the normal metabolic functions the body does to stay alive. With time, the accumulation of damage leads to age-related pathologies, and eventually, death. 

The ‘maintenance approach’ or Rejuvenation
In the Self Transformational Program a client is not ‘cured’ of the ageing process; ageing continues, but some (if not all) of the damage done is reversed, effectively rejuvenating the client. The client's senescence (i.e., ageing) would always be kept at low levels. In other words, one could be 90 chronologically, but 45 biologically. That said, the Program's success lies with the client as they assume the responsibility of engaging in their tailored made, 12 minute, mind-body transformational exercises (as needed).

Here are some reasons why rejuvenation would be good for you as an individual:

Preserving your health and independence. Bonus here is that you may be alive when there is a cure for aging and you can revert back to being "20 years old" or whatever.

Unlimited opportunities for personal growth

Never too late to make a different choice. How many people regret some of their past choices, and lament that it is now too late to change.

Live to see the future.

A longer, healthy life offers endless possibilities. 

Plus Rejuvenation or postponing death is good for your loved ones

No immediate grieving for suffering or dying elderly.

You would not be a burden.

Families can last longer. Note: In the future your children won’t have to suffer from, and die of, age-related diseases.

Friendships can last longer.

Do you have Future Life Protection Insurance?
Simply put, If you do not engage in rejuvenation you will suffer from the age plague. In the near future age will be classified as an illness.

You have a choice between health and disease.
Don’t get to that terminal stage of your life when your health fails you (which can happen anytime regardless of what number is on your birth certificate), and you regret not having a future. Take out some ‘Future Life Insurance’ by starting your Self Transformational Program today.





Anti Aging Reversing Health and Age


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