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Anti-Aging Therapies and Services Market—Trends and Growth Opportunities, Forecast to 2022. Frost & Sullivan


One of the biggest investment opportunities over the next decade will be in companies working to delay human death, a market expected to be worth at least $600 billion by 2025, according to Bank of America (May, 2019).

Bank of America analysts say companies are on the cusp of "bringing unprecedented increases to the quality and length of human lifespans."

Bank of America believe innovation in
"ammortality" products in the wellness space, could soon prolong healthy human life well beyond 100 years.

"Medical knowledge will double every 73 days by 2020 vs. every 3.5 (years) in 2010. This has enabled a new frontier in precision medicine to further extend life expectancy , heralding a 'techmanity' (technology meets humanity) revolution."

Extending human life to new bounds — long the domain of science fiction novels — could increasingly be a compelling way to make money in the public markets. With a market size already at $110 billion, the Bank of America team highlighted five key sub-themes:

Genomics, or the study of the human genome, is expected to be a $41 billion industry by 2025 and will provide the "next generation of gene editing technology offering potentially revolutionary advances in prevention and disease treatments," Bank of America said.

The "ammortality" theme, expected to be worth $504 billion by 2025, "will help to improve health spans & [lifespans] to the betterment of human vitality, enabling the world population to live freer of disease rather than forever."

Big data/AI health
The growth of artificial intelligence combined with an ever-growing body of health-care data should help researchers analyze pathology, or the study of the causes and effects of diseases, in the years to come.

Future food
Future of food companies, which are expected to ensure healthier eating and sustainable humanity on the planet.

'Moonshot medicine'
"Moonshot medicine" companies are those that offer revolutionary solutions for cures or treatments for some of humanity's toughest diseases -such as Alzheimer's.


Licensing Territory: USA and Canada

Over the last 25 years, our parent Institute (Dr Perry Zeus's Behavioral Coaching Institute) has become the world’s leading developer of advanced, cutting-edge, coaching technology.

The Institute's Neuro Clinic cannot keep pace with the huge, rapidly expanding U.S.A and Canadian anti-aging markets so we have built an International Partner Program to help train highly qualified individuals or businesses to deliver the program in their region.

Note: We use an easier Licensing Format rather than a Franchise model to assign regional rights to our Program and Brand. We award licenses based on the size of the market that one License Holder is best qualified to service.

USA and Canadian Market FRANCHISE
Reuters Editorial News “Global Anti-Aging Market Research Report”

The Anti-Aging Market is worth an estimated $275 billion and is one of the rising markets in today’s world. The USA and Canadian markets are the fastest growing and biggest markets in the world.

A Master License for one country or large region of a country has the right to re-sell and assign territories within their region to individual License Holders.

The License Fee depends upon the size of the region.

Our Licensed Partners all have one thing common and that is their love of learning and helping people succeed. If you think you have the know how for what it takes to succeed, then this opportunity may still be there for you to start helping people build a better tomorrow in your region. 

Are you ready to become an accredited anti aging change agent and meet the explosive growth in demand for affordable, proven solutions to age reversal??

  Click the below Registration Form Link to book a telephone interview with Dr Zeus to discuss details and find out if your preferred local USA or Canadian territory is available...