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  Senescence and negligible senescence (biological mortality)

Senescence refers to a decline of survival characteristics, such as strength, mobility, senses, and age-related increases in mortality along with a decrease in reproductive capability and is typical in most species. Mortality rates for humans and most animals increase dramatically with age beyond reaching reproductive maturity

A few species exhibit negligible senescence (NS). An organism is considered negligibly senescent if it does not show any loss of survival characteristics, such as strength, mobility, and senses, an increased mortality rate with advancing age, or a loss of reproductive capability with age.

Species                                                 Recorded lifespan
Lobsters                                               100+ years (Presumed NS)
Lake sturgeon (Acipenser fulvescens) 152 years (Presumed NS)
Clams such as Panopea generosa      160 years (Presumed NS)
Rougheye rockfish                               205 years
Freshwater pearl mussel                      210–250 years

Aldabra Giant Tortoise                         255 years
Greenland Shark                                  400 years
Ocean Quahog clam                            507 years

Few old examples of the above species are rare in the wild as they are still vulnerable to predation, accidents, starvation, environmental dangers, changes to their environmental niche and diseases.

NS species do not deteriorate with age and may live considerably longer than has been recorded.
To further complicate matters, we often need to sacrifice the animal in order to measure its age. Because we do not know the maximum age that might be achieved by these species there are probably older examples out there.

The hydra and Turritopsis dohrnii jellyfish are a species that have no lifespan limit. They are one of a very few species for which the phrase “biological immortality” is appropriate.

Genetic and pharmacological approaches to ablate pro-aging senescent cells and extend healthy lifespan.
Evolution has already demonstrated that negligible senescence (biological immortality) is indeed possible. It follows that some scientists, are investigating whether negligible senescence can be engineered so that humans also can use a repair-based approach to the damage that aging causes. This is the basis of SENS, the Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence. That said, a solution must be found to the fact that any intervention to remove senescent cells that creates competition among cells will increase age-related mortality from cancer.



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Contents: age reverse, science, free booklet, stop aging, age reversal, antiaging, age reverse, free booklet, brain, AGING BACKWARDS, free booklet, STOP AGING,



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