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Dr Zeus

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  Message from Dr Perry Zeus (NeuroExs Founder).
- I have spent nearly 30 years empowering thousands of people from over 60 countries to become healthier, happier and stronger and with my help you too can have the opportunity to learn how to regain your years, live longer and have a richer life.

P.S: And for those who have inquired -yes, I am in my 70's. And yes, this is a recent photo.

...        -Author of several best-selling books-







  Can you put a price on adding several years to your life or rewinding your biological clock?

"Novartisís new gene therapy, which has had only a small clinical trial, costs $us475,000. Indeed this is a relatively modest cost given the prices emerging for other gene therapies." Nov. 2018
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      **Strictly Limited Number of Program Places Available! Please Read.
Please note that Dr Zeus and his expert team only provide the therapy program on an invitational basis to a restricted number of select international clients. If follows that we refer clients who do not wish to travel or be placed on a Wait List to a local regional graduate Longevity Therapist from our Anti-Aging International Academy.

We receive a large number of applications competing for a very small number of treatment places (typically several applications per available place /date). To reduce the application processing time qualified applicants are now able to bypass the previous mandatory telephone interview process and have their application directly submitted to the Clinicís Section Panel for consideration. That said, the Panel may request additional references or support material from an applicant to assist them in confirming their suitability.



>>  Application Steps:
Step 1
. Submission of your application for a place in the
Brain Mind Body Transformational Program. Please note this is an invitational program and we may request references from an applicant to assist us in confirming their suitability to join the program.

LATE NEWS. Currently there is a 5 week wait list. Those persons who require immediate attention may request so in the below form and we will refer them to contact a suitable, local regional graduate Longevity Therapist from our Anti-Aging International Academy.
Step 2. Upon selection, international payment of the program is required to be made by bank transfer within 5 working days to secure a limited booking date.




Registered as an Education provider from the State Board of Behavioral Sciences, California.
Founding Board Member of International Coaching Council

2019 Behavioral Coaching Institute. Graduate School of Neuroscience