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 Established 1994







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Message from Dr Perry Zeus (BCI Faculty Head) one of the acknowledged Founders of the coaching discipline and author of several internationally best-selling books on Behavioral Change)..

- When I established the Institute's Clinic in 1994 my goal was to develop a world-best program. Today, my Team and I are proud to be the acknowledged world leaders in our field.

Through the Institute's ongoing extensive research and development program we are able to provide our clients the most current, scientifically proven, methodology available that generates consistent, measurable results.


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Anti Aging
  Go here for Territorial License Information and Contact Form!    

>>  Application Steps:
Step 1
. Submission of your application for a place in Dr Perry Zeus's
Mind Body Transformational Program. Please not this is an invitational program and Dr Zeus may request references from an applicant to assist him in confirming the person's suitability to join the program.

LATE NEWS. Currently there is 5 week wait list (excluding Self-Care Program). Those persons who require immediate attention may request so in the below form.
Step 2. Upon selection, international payment of the program is required to be made by bank transfer within 5 working days to secure booking date.


  1.  Yes! Please accept my below application for a limited place in the Self Transformational Program..

             I am looking to use the customized Mind Body Transformational Program for:
              - Health Reasons
                  - Life Extension
/ Age Reversal
- Overall Wellness 
                  - Performance
                 Program Goals
  2. Program Delivery Format: 1. Self-Care at-home.
                                                            2. Videoconference / Telephone
                                                                  3. Retreat.
          Option 1. Standard Program via Self-Care (self-managed, at-home) :
          - Full Program via Self-managed E-Program Format (Online).
                              Comprehensive Program package includes the underlying science and step by step,
                              easy to follow instructions to reset your Mind-Body Code/Clock: $us499.00

                   .Optional:  Plus Telephone Video Consultation with Dr Zeus -includes your customized Program
                                          designed by Dr Zeus based on your defined Needs @
$us285 session.
                                 Plus Post Mentoring.  1-to-1 Telephone Video Support.
# of Sessions: 1. 2. 3. 4. ($us285 per session)
 *** Consultation, Treatment regimen design and practice session with Dr Zeus:
        Option 2. Standard Program via 1:1 Videoconference / Telephone :
       Select below Program Rate and optional Post Mentor Support with Dr Zeus:

                   - Corporate Rate: $us2,395.00 -paid by Organization for Senior Manager / Leader / Director / Owner.
- Optional Pre-Program introductory telephone interview / call with Dr Zeus.    -Yes Please!
- Standard, Personal Rate: $us1,695.00
                - Special Financial Assistance Rate: $us1,295.00.
                             - If you have not already received an 'Offer of Financial Assistance' from us please
                               provide a 'Need' Statement (on below Form).

                   Optional:  Plus Post Mentoring - 1-to-1 Telephone or Videoconference Support.
# of Sessions: 1. 2. 3. 4. ($us285 per session)


           Option 3. VIP Retreat - One Person Program. Wait List . (See Retreat Pics:
     Yes, I wish to have: a) my name put on the Wait List and, b) have Dr Zeus call me to discuss my needs and the 1-to-1, One Day, coaching session with him at his peaceful, Zen Retreat (set in a beautiful rainforest beside bubbling creek) on the Gold Coast, Australia  -$us3,650.  
  I will be travelling with my partner and would also like them to have some sessional time with Dr Zeus, at no extra cost, as part of my Day's Program!  




     - Location: Springbrook, Queensland, Australia
Recommendations can be provided for any required accommodation.
20 mins away from Coolangatta airport, 50 mins from Brisbane airport, Queensland
Be picked up by Limo and driven to and from Retreat.
Wait List Update. Currently 4-5 weeks. Strictly limited number of booking dates available per year.
   - Required initial telephone interview with Dr Zeus.
  - Preferred Program date  (Month and day/s) :

4. Personal Details


Full Name:


Business Name:


Address & Zip:


State & Country:


Tel. #'s:

Home/Mobile:   Biz:


Email :

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Website :
Facebook Name:
Date of Birth:

Profession /  Position :


Your Professional & Education Background :




 The Philosophy that guides your life:



Have you undertaken any previous life extension or wellness programs?


Medical, therapy or personal history we should be aware of:



Any Referral Names etc to support your application:


Applying for Financial Assistance Rate ?
- If so, please provide a statement as to the reason/s why






Registered as an Education provider from the State Board of Behavioral Sciences, California.
Founding Board Member of International Coaching Council

2018 Behavioral Coaching Institute. Graduate School of Neuroscience