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Content: America, anti-aging, longevity, antiagng course, anti-aging certification, anti-aging school, longevity, USA


AAIA's Mission: To teach our students how to help clients evolve consciously and power boost their SELF healing capability to radically slow down and reverse the aging process, upgrade their immunity to disease and improve their sense of meaning, connection, and flourishing.









- The need to be in control of both your body and mind
- Man’s biological capacity to self-renew:




There are an abundance of cosmetic quick fixes, but youthfulness goes much further than skin-deep; it's enjoying a life with energy. It's not giving up things you love because you don't have the physical capacity or motivation.

Ageing happens at different rates, and its effects can be reversed. We have far more control over how we age — whether that's hair and skin or vigor and mental powers — than we realize.

For many people, the impetus to reverse the ageing process was a health crisis.

As we age, our DNA is increasingly prone to damage and breakage; this can then lead to mutations and rearrangement of our genes, a precursor for cancer and aging.

Ultimately, everyone’s goal would be to prevent age-related diseases, and improving their bodies ability to prevent DNA / age-related damage.

The Brains connection with Longevity
-Healing from the inside out

Our immune systems can no longer be taken for granted. Current trends in public healthcare are disturbing: our increased air travel allows newly mutated bacteria and viruses to spread across the globe, antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria outstrip the new drugs that are meant to fight them, deaths due to hospital-acquired infections are increasing, and the childhood vaccinations of our aging population are losing their effectiveness. Now more than ever, our well-being is at a dangerous crossroad.

The solution lies within ourselves. New breakthrough research has found that the brain possesses its own lymphatic system, meaning it is also tied into the body's general immune system. The 2018 results extend the findings of a landmark study published in 2013. It found that the brain appears to flush out waste products during sleep.

Dr. Daniel Reich, author of the study and a senior investigator at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, says; . "..There are lymph vessels in the head, which I had learned in medical school didn't exist. For centuries, most scientists believed that the body's lymphatic system didn't connect to the brain. The brain was thought to be what is called immune-privileged."

This new research confirms the waste products are draining out of the head through the lymphatic system.

Maintaining a Healthy Brain to enhance the body’s immune system
Based on this new science, as brain-mind-body therapy exercises and stimulates the brain (and our genes) for positive change/regrowth it can also help increase the body's immune system, and through this help fight off illness and disease and increase our longevity.

AAIA's Course focuses on: 1) accessing the subconscious mind (see mind-body union below page) and, 2) the limbic section of the brain that provides the critical link to the brain-mind-body union and how we can affect neural / physiological changes.

With adaptation, the brain can change its architecture and alter systemic function via regulation of neuroendocrine, autonomic, immune, and metabolic systems.

Students are taught how to easily use evidence-based Neuro Metacognition X-ercises ™ designed to open “windows of plasticity” and target specific domains of the brain’s structure and reset them to form greater connectivity, oversight and direct their function towards better health. The objective is to have the student help their clients achieve perceptual self-awareness and learn powerful, self-empowering, brain-mind-body change techniques for physiological rejuvenation, health, happiness and well-being.

Physiological health rests upon the foundation of counteracting mind-body connection disruptions from multiple etiologies. The brain and body are powerful electrical systems that can “short circuit” and need to be “re-set.”

MIND-BODY Union = A Key for Longevity
A host of studies clearly show how the mind can impact on health, well-being, and even looks. Researchers in the Netherlands (Psychiatric Center GGZ Delfland, Delft ) found older men and women with optimistic personalities were less likely to die over a nine-year period than pessimists.

Scientific studies also show how possible it is to improve strength and fitness without lifting a finger. In one experiment, researchers measured strength in different groups: one did two weeks of highly focused strength training, three times a week, while another just listened to recordings that helped them imagine doing the same workout — they did no exercise. The results were surprising to say the least: the exercise group saw a 28 per cent gain in strength, but the group who visualized exercising experienced nearly the same gains: 24 per cent!

The mind has also been proven to have the power to make you slimmer. In a Harvard study, housekeeping staff in a major hotel were told the work they did on a daily basis equaled the amount of exercise needed to be fit and healthy. They made no changes in behavior; they just kept on doing their jobs with this new belief in place. Four weeks later, they'd lost weight, lowered blood pressure and improved body-fat percentage, had a healthier waist–hip ratio and a better BMI. A group of housekeepers who had not been led to believe their job qualified as exercise saw none of the changes.

Ageing used to be thought of as an inevitable, non-stop process.
Today, an Increasing number of doctors and health practitioners are starting to embrace what is called a ‘Lifestyle Medicine’ approach. This advocates that humans benefit from a holistic attitude — what we eat, think, how we exercise, our social relationships and connection to the world are all deemed to have an impact on our wellbeing and ageing, and even reversing the effects of time.

Some researchers are now concluding that how well most people age simply comes down to their mindset and beliefs about ageing. Researchers at Yale University studied a group of more than 4,000 adults aged 60 and above and found those who held positive beliefs about ageing had a 44 per cent lower risk of developing dementia than those who held negative beliefs.

While our culture fosters expectations of an inevitable decline into illness and infirmity, Ellen Langer, a professor of psychology from Harvard Medical School, carried out research that shows how, given the right circumstances, we can reverse our age — not chronologically of course, but biologically.

In one of her most influential studies, a group of men went on a retreat where they spent a week reminiscing about the past. Another group spent a week in an environment where all surrounding sensory clues, such as decor, music and food, pointed to a time when the men were 20 years younger and felt at their best. In ONE WEEK the group that acted like it was 1959 got biologically younger! Langer took biochemical measurements in each man and recorded that their eyesight got better, their memory improved, their posture changed, their arthritis was reduced so much that their fingers got longer! And, there was no change in the control group.

The study clearly proved that our minds are incredibly more powerful than we can imagine, and what we think about ourselves, matters.

The direct evidence of the impact of mindset on health reaches down to the molecular level. People with optimistic attitude have lower levels of Interleukin 6 (IL6), a peptide hormone that is responsible for much of the damage caused by inflammation. For example, it is the underlying mechanism of vascular plaque formation, atherosclerosis, and cardiac disease.

Edna Maria Vissoci Reiche and colleagues at the Universidade Estadual de Londrina have found that persons with negative mindset are prone to higher levels of stress hormones, lowered immune response, and increased levels of cancer.

Longevity -A Live-Longer Mindset Gives You Greater Life Expectancy
There are several more studies that shore persons with an optimistic mindset live longer eg;, a study from the University of Illinois shows that subjective well-being is associated with longer longevity as compared to individuals who maintain a negative disposition regarding their health, well-being.

Another study, led by Dr. Hilary Tindle of the University of Pittsburgh, found similar results. The researchers used data from more than 100,000 women over age 50 that began in 1994. Their results showed that eight years into the study, women who scored the highest in optimism were 14% more likely to be alive than those with the lowest, most pessimistic scores.

Where You See Yourself
A recent investigation into the ways in which exercise affects longevity shows that the amount of exercise you do and its intensity may not be the most important factor in helping you live longer. The research, which analyzed the lifestyle habits of around 60,000 people over a period of 21 years, measured physical activity, health, personal backgrounds and other parameters.

In a surprise finding, the researchers In the Stanford study found that people who believed they were more active than other people lived longer than those who believed they didn’t exercise much – even when the exercise levels were, in both groups, identical. This startling discovery clearly demonstrates that your thoughts and beliefs are a big influence on your health and the aging process.

“Our findings fall in line with a growing body of research suggesting that our mindsets – in this case, beliefs about how much exercise we are getting relative to others – can play a crucial role in our health,” says researcher Alia Crum, an assistant professor of psychology.

The Mindset Effect
The researchers concluded that a change in mindset (beliefs/attitude) can affect the body and brain to produce a beneficial physical outcome.

Other studies that have looked at people’s attitudes toward aging show that if you think you are going to age successfully and stay healthy, you have a better chance of doing so.

“It’s time that we start taking the role of mindsets in health more seriously,” Dr. Crum adds. “In the pursuit of health and longevity, it is important to adopt not only healthy behaviors, but also healthy thoughts.”

Negative attitudes induce a sort of despair among people whose habits aren’t really all that bad. And maybe some of these folks are just worrying themselves to death. . .

Getting Older Means Things Start Breaking Down?
The ultimate belief out there is that getting older means you begin to have problems, your body stops working, you lose your memory, and you cannot move as well. If you believe that, then it WILL happen. However, the opposite is completely possible. Our memory, strength, and health can get better as you age! If we keep giving our body the building blocks it needs and avoiding what breaks it down- amazing results can happen.

How to Think Yourself Younger
The great news is, the number that we turn each year has very little to do with anything. New studies each year in neuroscience, psychoneuroimmunology and epigenetics are showing how our mind controls our brain and our brain controls our body. These areas of science are also showing us that we have control over our genes based on the environment we give them through what we think.

The biggest obstacle for people to overcome to start seeing results is to get rid of false beliefs, negative attitudes and behaviors and create new ones.

Our mindset controls our biology.
To change our body, we need to change our thoughts about what is actually possible.

So much can be revealed by how we talk about ourselves. How much emphasis do you place on numerical age? Do you believe age limits your physical and mental abilities? Is age an excuse for all the new things you don't try? Do you spend more time reminiscing about what once was instead of planning on what's to come? These questions and more are indicative of the mindset you have around age. And, as this research shows, will affect how you actually age.

Role Playing, Priming and the Power of our Mind
Numerous studies are now proving how priming ourselves with words even effects the results of what we do.

For example, one Harvard study took a group of Asian American Woman. They told half of the woman stereotypical words around women not being good at math, and the told the other group stereotypical words about Asians being good at math.

The group that was told that Asians were good at Math scored significantly higher than the group that were told that women are not good at math.Power boosting our immune system to stay well for life.

The underlying factors that govern our health and longevity are not merely cheerfulness versus moroseness, they are positive versus the negative attitudes and emotions attached to beliefs,  contained in our mind-set.

What are we telling ourselves?
Are your clients telling themselves that they are young, smart, full of energy, and healthy?
Or do they find most of their self-talk about how awful they feel, how they are losing their memory, and how their body is not like it used to be.

The Anti-Aging International Academy uniquely provides its students the knowledge and tools how to help their clients repair, prevent and even reverse aging damage through harnessing the power of their mindset.

The Brain-Mind-Body Formula
Bottom Line:

1. The Brain has the power to regenerate itself and affect change in our body!

A) The Brain’s limbic system includes the amygdala, hippocampus and hypothalamus -areas of the brain which have now been proved to be capable of brain cell regrowth.

B) These groundbreaking new research findings provide the scientific basis of why our students learn how to focus on boosting (via our proprietary Neuro EXperiential EXercises™ ) the brain's endorphin levels that stimulate and balance their Immune system and promote the repair of cells and tissues to build a healthier, stronger younger version of their body and brain.

2. The second part of the Brain-Mind-Body Formula.
-The Mind-Body interface and Resetting its Operational Code!.
We now also have scientific proof from many randomized trials that our state of mind (see above research findings) affects the aging process, our well-being and health. By harnessing the power of the mind we can reset our biological clock via the subconscious using the Clinic's Neuro Change Methodology eg; intentional / guided imagery and perceptual awareness.

The key to success in any anti-aging initiative is the selection of the appropriate brain-mind-body Change Model to fit the client's specific mindset needs. Anti-Aging International Academies proven Therapist Coach Course meets the critical needs for practitioners to be trained in the use of a range of validated, reliable neurocoaching models, tools and techniques.

AAIA's invitational, fast-tracked Longevity Therapist course (Self-study / Distance Learning Format).


Longevity Therapists are engaged in the practice of Longevity Management.

Longevity Therapists work within the Operational Domain of the Brain-Mind-Body Network.

Our Brain’s capacity can be stimulated to upgrade itself to fit the applications it is running.

The Mind’s operating system (Mindset) contains a suite of programs eg; Emotions, Attitudes, Beliefs, Selves, the Stories we tell our self -that:
- affect our ability to repair and reverse aging of the Brain and Body which in turn -
- affects our well-being (the quality of our present state as expressed through our health, performance, happiness and life satisfaction).

Being successful in longevity management is about updating the Mindset to best generate the desired physical and mental states of being to fit evolving life circumstances and needs.

MINDBODY RESET CODE —your body's "operating instructions" for interpreting your world, creating your sense of self, and setting your future. The MindBody Reset Code is your key to safely and successfully release your potential for a healthier, more youthful, productive, happier life.

MINDBODY RESET CODE = Your Selves, Attitudes, Emotional Drives, Emotional Needs, Beliefs, THE STORIES YOU TELL YOURSELF that drive your MINDSET.

BRAIN-MIND-BODY TOOLS = Evidence-based, cognitive neuroplasticity therapy that provides us the vehicle to select the right MINDBODY RESET CODE / reset switch to stimulate neural re-growth and body change. The Toolkit consists of proven, proprietary Neuro Metacognition X-ercises ™ that generate measurable, sustainable mental and whole body change.

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